Low Level Laser Therapy in Arizona

What Is Low Level Laser Therapy and Why Would I want It?

​Further decrease your pain, reduce inflammation, make your adjustments more effective. Make the adjustments last longer and stabilize your chiropractic corrections sooner.

Dr. Boatright has been using low level laser since 2009.  "Cold" low level laser therapy out-performs most other non-chiropractic therapies he's ever seen in chiropractic offices! The Erchonia laser is programmable for up to 100,000 different treatment options.

A Proven Device

Low level laser therapy is also called “cold laser” because it produces no heat. It doesn't cut. Rather it stimulates tissues and cells in the body. The doctor can administer treatment through clothing rather than requiring treatment over bare skin. Most people don't even feel the laser application. The ones who do, feel a slight warmth or a sensation like the hairs on the skin being moved. It's comfortable and the benefits can be dramatic!

Low level laser therapy is often used for things like:

  • Sciatica / Cluneal Nerve Entrapment
  • Treating low back pain
  • Treating neck pain
  • Treating shoulder pain
  • Treating pain in other joints, such as the carpals in the carpal tunnel, the hip sockets, the knees, ankles and the jaw (the TMJ), to name a few
  • Preventing and/or reducing scar tissue
  • Releasing nerve entrapment syndromes like carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica
  • Arthritic relief
  • Reducing inflammation and more.

​In fact, there are 109 pages of conditions that doctors of various disciplines can treat with low level laser therapy.

In this office, when Doc uses low level laser therapy in conjunction with chiropractic adjusting, the patient’s problem typically resolves quicker and stabilizes sooner.

Although other doctors charge up to $75 for a single low level laser treatment, he charges only $40. When you have low level laser therapy along with and adjustment, the laser portion of the visit is only an additional $15!

Doc offers complementary consultations with no obligation.

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