Horse Chiropractic in Arizona

Equine Chiropractic Today for Maximum Performance Tomorrow

In the world of all things Equine, Chiropractic offers maximum performance, better times, and more points!

Tiny things can have a profound impact on your horse's performance.  A minor ache, a pinch or a sore joint can distract your horse just long enough for it to make a huge difference in your competition goals! 

Losing a fraction of a second can leave you in third place, or not placing at all; instead of taking first prize.  Losing an all-important point can make a heart-breaking (and purse-shrinking) difference in your standing.  Multiply that by half a dozen competitions and the difference can be insurmountable!

Olympian Performance: At the Olympic Games, an average of more than 300 competitors have their chiropractors with them.  Why?  MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE! As any barrel racer can tell you, 1/100th of a second can be significant in a tight competition.  With quality chiropractic care, your horse (and you) can enjoy the same kind of precision, cutting-edge, competitive advantage that the Olympians enjoy ... with specialized chiropractic care.

If you're serious about competing you shouldn't leave any aspect of your horse-competiton to chance.

Dr. Boatright, D.C., a 30-year chiropractor, works with horses throughout the Valley here in Arizona.  He's been certified to work with horses since 1999.

Can you imagine a doctor telling you to put your horse down because "nothing else can be done," but after calling a chiropractor as a last-ditch-effort, the horse returns to vibrant, competative health? 

Can you imagine being told your favorite barrel-racing horse will never be able to compete again and then a chiropractor helps it achieve its best times ever? 

Can you imagine the joy in  a child's heart when the vet has lost all hope but the child is riding again within a few weeks after specific chiropractic care?

How much do you truly want to keep your horse healthy, happy and performng to its peak capacity?  If you haven't tried chiropractic, you haven't tried EVERYTHING!

The standard industry fee for a horse adjustment was $100 in 1998 when Dr. Boatright got his training.  Gasoline back then was $1.06 a gallon.  According to inflation rates, a horse adjustment should be nearly $200 today.  BUT YOU WON'T PAY HALF THAT!  Even though it would be a bargain if it saved a horse's life.

No Financial Risk: And what if your horse's problem is NOT a chiropractic issue?  Why pay a bunch of money, only to have the doctor tell you he can't help?  Doc Boatright understands that dilemma.

So an initial screening is just $35.  A screening will reveal whether the horse actually needs adjusting or not.  If your horse doesn't need an adjustment, he'll issue you a Certificate of Chiropractic Skeletal Soundness for that date.

If your horse DOES need an adjustment, the $35 screening fee will apply toward the fee for the visit. 

Laser Bonus for Maximum Results!

Standard treatment ... without laser therapy ... was $100 in 1998.  Inflation could justify fees of up to $200 for a visit today.  But we're still at just $100 for an initial evaluation, and $85 for subsequent visits.  Your horse is just too important to make money the issue.

PLUS Dr. B. includes laser therapy with each adjustment ... a service that often costs up to $75 extra from other healthcare practitioners.  But Doc's laser application is always included at no additional charge!!!


Accelerates healing up to 60% faster

Reduces pain

Reduces inflammation

Increases energy production

Makes chiropractic adjustments hold better, and

Makes the corrections stabilize sooner

When 1/100 of a second or a single performance point can make a significant difference, chiropractic may give your horse, you, and your team that competitive edge.

A Special Offer for Those Who Find Dr. Boatright, D.C. Online

Mention that you're responding to this web page when you call and Dr. B. will email you a FREE booklet called: "Equine Conformation Tips for Evaluating Your Horse."

Use this little booklet to:

Evaluate your horse's skeletal strenght and weaknesses

Evaluate the skeletal frame of a horse you're thinking about buying

Help you settle on a price that suits the horse's skeletal health

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