Chiropractic Technique that Delivers

Cutting-Edge Chiropractic Techniques and Technologies!

  • INSTRUMENT ADJUSTING: Unlike twisting and popping bones and hoping for the best, instrument adjusting offers extremely specific, skeletal correction without brutal forces. It's "chiropractic without the crunch."  I use the Activator technique because of its reproducible, scientific backing and gentle application to the patients. This technique delivers amazing results with the greatest precision and comfort.


  • MANUAL CHIROPRACTIC WHEN NECESSARY FOR HORSES:  Sometimes certain conditions call for manual adjusting (using my hands) when I work with horses.  I always use an instrument, but sometimes you'll see me use my hands too.


  • LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY: Medical-grade, low-level laser therapy further reduces pain and inflammation, increases ranges of motion, speeds healing and much more. It measurably improves the effectiveness of any chiropractic program. Patients tell me they love the fact that it's so comfortable and takes so little time.


  • ADJUSTING ANIMALS in Arizona:  Dr. Rick Boatright, DC, works with Equine athletes and horses in all disciplines. Quote; "I love it," he says, "when a dog starts walking again after another doctor has told the owner to put it down, or when a horse performs better than it did before it got hurt. You know right away that it's not a 'placebo effect.' Animals just get better or they don't.


  • When Doc B. works with animals, he uses instrument adjusting, laser therapy and a technique of equine massage.