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The Truth About Urination

The Truth about Urinating

Urination is a process of eliminating toxins in the body.  In fact, that’s the reason we pee.  If we don’t, we become toxic.  One of the hallmarks of kidney failure is headaches from too many toxins building up in the system because we are NOT getting rid of it via our urine.  So Urinating must NEVER be considered a nuisance or something you need to “control.”  Urination is your body trying its best to keep you as healthy as possible.  Peeing a lot means that there is a process going on in your body that’s producing a toxic effect and your body is trying to get rid of it.  One such condition would be type two diabetes. Taking medications to decrease your urination is almost never a healthy thing to do!

That being said, I want to express my disdain with some of the asinine ads I’ve been hearing and seeing in the media.  The one that actually inspired me to write this article was an ad for Beta Prostate.  In the radio ad, the man says that he had to get up at least once each night to urinate, that it disturbed his wife’s sleep.  The listener is supposed to assume then that urinating once every night is pathological and must be treated. BUNK!!!

From the time I was five or six years old, I’ve always had to get up at least once in the night to urinate and I’ll guarantee that I didn’t have any possible hint of prostate challenges when I was six!  I’m offended every time I hear that ad!  It’s preposterous and is simply a scare tactic designed to try to sell a product people may not even need!

If a person has a diagnosed pathology with the prostate, either hypertrophy or cancer, the product might be useful; however peeing once every night is NOT a problem and it irritates me when product salesmen pull that kind of a shenanigan.

Second are the ads insinuating that you can pee too much and that if you do, you should stop it with drugs.  Frequent urination can be inconvenient but inhibiting it is a bad idea.  Urination is how you get rid of toxins!   To inhibit urination is to concentrate toxic substances inside your body where they can do a lot of damage to your health.  Excess urination may be an indicator that something else in your body is not functioning correctly, but the excess urination is your body’s attempt to compensate for that, to help you get well.  Urination is NOT a disease in itself!

So please, don’t be taken for the fool they want you to be just to sell their drugs and other products.  Urinating is healthy.  It keeps you healthy.  You’re supposed to urinate, even if it is inconvenient.

Heart Perspectives

Dear ones,
A few days ago, I ordered a large breve mocha with my small breakfast burrito.  The lady at the counter said, "Oh, my gosh!  That's a heart attack in a cup!"  I was taken aback for a moment, but when I thought about the subject I knew I had to write about it.
The first thing to consider is the latest research showing that people who drink three cups of coffee daily have measurably greater heart health than people who drink none, one, two or four or more.  Three cups of coffee daily seems to be a magic number for great heart health.
The second consideration and the one this lady was probably most concerned about with her limited understanding of the chemistry and physiology of the human body is the subject of the fat.  A breve is made with half and half instead of milk.
I'm what is considered as "pre-diabetic."  I have overactive insulin responses to the presence of carbohydrates in my system, even small amounts of carbohydrates.  There are specific dangers to the cardiovascular system presented by the presence of insulin.
Insulin hardens the arteries.  Insulin contributes to plaquening in the arteries.  Insulin is credited as a major contributor to the vision deficits experienced by long-term diabetics.  Insulin causes the formation of LDL's (the "bad" cholesterol).
The other thing that contributes to LDLs is the combination of carbohydrates and fats.  Both are necessary for the formation of triglycerides, the building block from which the LDLs are made.  Yet the restaurant was filled with pastries, the classic combination of fats and carbs.
My choice to make my mocha a breve rather than a late was based on the fact that the more butterfat in the dairy, the less milk sugar it contains.  The less milk sugar there is, the smaller the insulin response. For diabetics and pre-diabetics half and half is healthier than skim milk.  Cream is even better.
The public's paranoia with fats is based on partial information.  It's sort of like concluding that the sun orbits the earth because it always appears in the east and sets in the west.  It may be a logical conclusion when based on partial information but frankly not true at all when all of the facts are known.
The final thing she may have been considering is the chocolate in the mocha.  Chocolate in itself is actually a beneficial food; it contains a substance that promotes a feeling of wellbeing, an anti stress agent.  It only becomes a nutritional liability when it contains sugar.
In the study of pathology, in nearly every disease, stress is known to be a factor that makes it worse.  This is because stress, by medical definition, suppresses the function of the immune system.
If I had been having a cheese danish with the breve mocha, her observation may have been more valid.  So I appreciate the intended kindness of her concern, ill informed as it was.  However, I was a little concerned that the kind-hearted person serving me was commenting about nutritional choices that I had made based on sound human physiology.  She, like a great many people in the public, has been done a grave disservice by being fed incomplete information that could actually harm a large segment of the public.
For more on this subject look for "Surviving Type II Diabetes" on