Your Auto Insurer's Responsibilities

Think your insurance company is on your side?  The evidence doesn’t support it!

I’ve been a practicing doctor of chiropractic for more than two and a half decades.  There was a time when I welcomed auto accident patients … a time when we could sort of trust people.  That day has long since disappeared (pardon my cynicism).  That seems to be especially true of Insurers.  I dread working with auto insurance companies now because of their immoral business practices.

“How are you today?”  A “friendly” insurance adjuster’s voice asks you on the phone.

“Fine, thank you.  How are you?” is your conditioned, polite response.

But in this case, the conversation is recorded and later, the insurance attorney puts you on the stand and browbeats you with, “This is YOUR voice in a recorded conversation at 2:21 PM on June, 2, of this year saying that you FEEL FINE!  So WHY do you need care?”  You inadvertently testified against yourself just by being polite!

These people are anything BUT your friends!  Not only the other person’s insurance company, but YOURS too!

The internet article below caught my attention.  It outlines ten deplorable practices by insurers designed to unscrupulously deny your claims.  With that article, together with my 26 years of practice experience, my personal advice would be to NEVER talk with anybody from an insurance company, and especially NEVER answer even the tiniest, most innocent-sounding QUESTIONS they might ask without consulting your attorney FIRST!  Don’t even give them the time of day!  In fact, I believe you’re better off just referring insurance people directly to your attorney without speaking to them at all!

Just my personal opinion.

Read the article on this link and see if you agree with me … and them!