Negotiating Obamacare

Negotiating Obamacare

I’m flabbergasted by the propaganda flying around, willy-nilly, regarding the new government healthcare paradigm! The fear-mongering, deception and misinformed-sources quoting other misinformed-sources are enough to drive people nuts!

The fact is … you DO have more options than anybody wants you to know!

For those on Medicare, let me put this concern to rest for you immediately.  The only thing you need to do to comply with Obamacare is to be grateful about the timing of your birth!  You’re covered.  You don’t have to mess with exchanges.  In fact, according to Kathleen Sabelius herself, in her late October, 2013, Congressional testimony, it wouldn’t even be legal to look for coverage under an exchange!  You need no more insurance than Medicare.

That is unless you just like throwing money away on secondaries.

With one major hospitalization every year in my family, we’ve seen that we save a substantial amount of money annually by paying the co-pays out of pocket, instead of paying secondary insurance premiums all year long!

Let me put this into perspective.  After major hospital stays three years in a row in my household, we paid about less than $2,000 out of pocket for each one because we had no secondary insurance. Even after paying those co-pays out of pocket, we still saved an extra $2,000+ a year, each, by not paying secondary insurance premiums all year long!  That money stayed in OUR pockets!

Not Medicare-age yet?  Here are some considerations.

One option is to refuse to buy health insurance and simply pay the annual fine.  Compared to what you pay for insurance premiums, the fines can be a much better financial option!  Obamacare forbids insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.  So if you develop a problem at some point, then get insured.  No problem.

If you’re paying the full price of typical insurance, you’re probably throwing away a tremendous amount of money every year.  You’ll never be able to recover it, even if you use your insurance several times a year!  You only need to see the opulent buildings that insurance companies own and the millions of dollars their CEO’s make in bonuses every year to understand the extent of this truth.

Secondly, going without insurance NEVER means you can’t get the care you need!  INSURANCE is NOT healthcare.  It’s only ONE option for PAYING for healthcare.  Healthcare is the care that your doctor provides for your health problems.  The insurance industry and the government have skillfully high jacked the term “healthcare” to make us believe we can’t get treated … can’t get well … without insurance!  Bull!

Nobody can be denied hospital care because they don’t have an insurance policy.  Anybody can pay cash.  In fact, doctors and hospitals prefer cash!  Healthcare providers have such a preference for cash that in nearly every case, you can negotiate a substantial discount on your bill if you do pay in cash!

And hospitals that accept any government funding can’t turn anyone away!

Most hospitals (and doctors) would be thrilled to accept payments for your healthcare bill in amounts as high as health insurance companies are demanding from you every month in premiums!

Let’s say your insurance premiums would normally be $589 a month.  Instead, let’s say you bank that money in a personal savings account (NOT an HSA!) and amass a huge savings account very quickly WHICH PAYS YOU COMPOUND INTEREST.   If you had a medical emergency and it cost you more than you had in savings, your offer to pay $589 a month on your bill would be joyfully accepted anywhere! The thing is - it’s an amount that you’d normally be setting aside for your healthcare anyway!  So you’d never be out an extra nickel!  And your unused savings wouldn’t disappear just because you didn’t use it … like your insurance premiums do!

And that’s only if you NEED care.  Insurers amass gargantuan profits! Most of us pay in thousands more than we use every year!  Why not keep those thousands for yourself!

In my personal opinion, paying the fines is the cheapest way to go.

The Obamacare fines will increase over time.  True.  So watch them.  If the annual fines should ever exceed what you’d pay over the course of a year for the cheapest plan, get the cheapest plan.  Still demand the best care you can get however, and just pay the difference out of pocket.  Cheap insurance doesn’t mean you can’t get the best care.  It just means you’ll need to pay for some of it yourself.

Let me qualify all of this.  If you or a family member has a very serious or long-term, constant health challenge which could be very expensive, one of the available plans may be your best option.  If it is, that’s what you should choose.  Just be financial prudent!  Don’t carelessly throw money away that you don’t absolutely HAVE to!  THAT’s not “AFFORDABLE” healthcare!

Here’s the thing.  Money’s tight these days.  At the same time, Obamacare is skyrocketing the cost of insurance in all but a few states.  Here in Arizona, for instance, fees are increasing by as much as 176%!    Saving money DOES NOT mean buying the cheapest insurance!  It means looking at ALL of your financial options. Contrary to what some people want you to believe, it is NOT illegal to have no health insurance.  It simply means we pay a fine instead.

Short of eliminating all health insurance, finding your best financial option is the ONLY way we can have truly “affordable” healthcare … ever!  The government won’t do it FOR you.  You’ll have to do your own research, weigh your options and make your own decisions.

But now you have some new perspectives.

P. S. Many of the best doctors have already announced their refusal to accept Obamacare.  Lots more WILL follow. They’re offering outside-of-the-system medical concierge services instead.  For a great many people, this could be a fabulous option!