DPT Vaccinations: a Painful, Deadly Skeleton in Medicine’s Closet

DPT Vaccinations: a Painful, Deadly Skeleton in Medicine’s Closet

Of all the controversial subjects I’ve addressed over the years, this, a sacred cow in medicine, is one of the scariest.  For years I heard people speaking out against the indiscriminate vaccination of the entire population and I was confused.  I had always unquestioningly accepted the medical propaganda touting the magical omnipotence of vaccinations.  So I decided to research the literature for myself and look at both the pros and cons.  I was amazed!

According to national records, the death rate in the general population without immunizations from pertussis (the ‘P’ in the DPT shot) is one in several million.  On the other hand, the documented death rate from the DPT vaccine is one in 1,700!  That calculates to a risk of death from the DPT shot more than a thousand times greater than from no vaccination at all!

This subject is a personal thorn in my side because my best friend in Chiropractic school lost his first baby to the DPT vaccination.  Tragically, it’s a very painful way to die too.  The baby had some complications after her birth and the doctors wanted to examine her closer before she left the hospital.  Surgery was required.  Afterward she recovered quite well, thrived and gained weight encouragingly.  Just as a matter of protocol, they insisted that she be given the DPT shot before she left the hospital even though she was less than 2 months old.  At 2 months, however, a child cannot yet mount an immune response to make the immunization work.  Pain set in immediately and increased significantly over many hours.  The child was dead by morning.

But this is only one story.  A book titled, Immunization Theory vs. Reality: Expose’ on Vaccinations describes at least 11 firsthand accounts of vaccine horror stories: children who suffered death or permanent brain damage after a DPT shot.  In nearly every case, within a few hours after receiving the shot, the child developed reddening in the buttock and often down the leg(s), high-pitched crying or screaming, inconsolable crying, lack of attention with a dazed look in the eyes, and sometimes convulsions.  Death often came after the babies finally exhausted and fell asleep.  Of the children who suffered these symptoms but survived, brain damage plagued them for the balance of their lives.

In nearly every one of these cases, in spite of the well-documented sequence of events and symptoms associated with death from DPT vaccinations, the administering doctors denied any connection to the immunizations.  In every death, doctors passed it off as “Crib Death” or “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS).  When parents demanded a post-mortem, they were met with obstructions and frustrations and no tests were ever performed.

The book outlines specific situations in which the author believes immunizations should be avoided, situations often overlooked by doctors.  The book explains how to determine what the true risks of immunization are.  You can see from the above that they actually aren’t all that safe.

Government agencies, such as schools, often try to convince us that immunizations are mandatory and that they are required by the government or the school district.  This is NEVER true, regardless of how much they try to convince you that it’s the law.  If it were, the requiring agency would have to accept 100% of the liability for any side effects such as brain damage or death of the child.  That simply will not happen.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you. If you decide against immunizations and they insist, demand a written notice of their full acceptance of responsibility for any and all side effects of the immunization, signed and dated by the person insisting the shot is mandatory.  It isn’t and they know it.  So no one will ever sign such a document.

In the end, you must weigh the possible benefits against the known risks.  It’s your child and that child’s well-being … that child’s life … is ultimately your responsibility.  You must decide for yourself and no one should make that decision for you, especially if it’s not an INFORMED decision.

If you would like to read the above-cited book, it’s Immunization Theory vs. Reality: Expose’ on Vaccinations by Neil Z. Miller, Code: ITH, ISBN: 1-881217-12-4.  It’s available through Barnes and Noble at www.barnsandnoble.com or on Amazon on  www.amazon.com.