Cluneal Nerve Entrapment vs. Sciatica


Over the last twenty years, I’ve had patients come into my office telling me they were suffering with sciatic pain.  Some had come to that conclusion themselves.  I could understand that.

But HUNDREDS were repeating their doctors’ diagnosis too.  The majority of them were 100% WRONG!

So I never pay attention to their proclamations of sciatica.  I verify it myself.

In all fairness, a small percentage of these patients do have sciatica.  Let’s look at the glaring differences.

The sciatic nerve is at the lower inner buttock and runs down the center of the back of the thigh to the knee.  It doesn’t appear in the upper buttock … at all!  It doesn’t go down the outside of your calf.  It doesn’t go down to your ankle.  It goes from the inside lower part of the buttock to the knee.  (Pardon my redundancy for emphasis.)

Here’s the thing.  In medical school and chiropractic school they teach that when there’s buttock pain going down into the thigh, its sciatica.  That’s like saying if you look in the sky and see an airplane it’s a 747.  Sometimes it is, but you need a lot more criteria than that.

Unfortunately, not one doctor in 100 knows that there’s another nerve bundle in the buttock that goes down the thigh … at a different location.  A nerve called the “cluneal nerve” appears at the top of the buttock then runs down the buttock and outer half of the thigh to just above the knee.

It’s the upper, outer half of the buttock (the cluneal nerve) versus the lower, inner part of the buttock (the sciatic nerve).  It’s the exact center of the back of the thigh (the sciatic nerve) versus the outer half of the back of the thigh (the cluneal nerve).  Two entirely different conditions!

Of course if you’ve been diagnosed with sciatica, you’ll receive treatment for the sciatic nerve … even when the doctor is treating the WRONG DIAGNOSIS.  In my own practice, for every true sciatic patient, I see three who were suffering with Cluneal Nerve Entrapment but were misdiagnosed.

Don’t get caught in that misdiagnosed category!

Visual aids help show this much better than mere words.  So I’ve posted a video on You Tube that illustrates it clearly.  Check it out.  You’ll be so glad you did!