Dr. Rick Boatright, D.C., C.V.C.P.

Serving People and Horse Owners

Dr. Rick Boatright, D.C., C.V.C.P. asks questions, listens, discusses, and explains; and then offers quality chiropractic care when appropriate to patients at Triskelia Wellness in Derry, New Hampshire. Whether you're searching for effective pain relief or ways to maximize performance, Dr. Boatright's here to help.

If it hurts, call (603) 824-6121 today for an appointment! Because life's too long to live it in pain!



Enjoy the Benefits of His Twenty-Eight Years of Precision Chiropractic Care: With the Gentle, Precise, Activator Technique

It's "Chiropractic without the crunch!"


​Dr. Boatright accepts patients on a cash basis. He only accepts Medicare patients who are maintenance patients (also cash).  He also treats patients on-site when he travels to work with animals.

More than backs, necks and headaches, he works with every joint in the body! More than sore joints ... he addresses difficult syndromes like carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and tendonitis, to name a few.

If it hurts, call for an appointment! If Dr. Boatright can't address it, he can send you to a local chiropractor or medical specialist who can!

None of the "rack - em - crack - em," old fashioned style of chirorpactic; Dr. Boatright, D.C. offers a unique, precision kind of chiropractic, implementing the Activator technique, low level laser therapy and custom-designed corrective exercise programs.

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday mornings and every other Saturday

Call (603) 824-6121


Dr. Boatright holds a certification to work on horses, dogs and other animals. If you’re barrel racing,  calf roping, jumping or competing in dressage, he's the chiropractor you want in your corner! It's a great preparation for any gymkana too! If there's a skeletal challenge with your horse, (or your dog) consider chiropractic.

Dr. Boatright works at your location by appointment only.

To make an appointment call (928) 243-5665.

For no BS health perspectives you'll never see anywhere else, visit Doc's blog at www.drricksblog.com